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Seed World Online want to thank you all for the great reviews!❤️

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Seeds arrived promptly and in good condition. Very happy with this order.


Hope they are beautiful


All of them germinated and they are all little Christmas trees now!

100 Yellow Wood Sorrel Seeds

Haven’t seen seedings yet just planted them today

hopefully i will see seedlings in 15 to 20 days after they get big enough to transplant i will move them to my rose garden

10 Yellow Geranium Seeds
Eugene Bonfiglio
2024 Yellow Geraniums

6 of 10 seeds have germinated after planting on 1/25. Hopefully the other 4 will germinate soon.

They are very very small

I am not sure how too plant them ...they are the smallest seeds I have ever seen
Any ideas?
Also still waiting on the balance of my order...I still need
25 organic cucumber seeds.

Look good

I will know more after I sow them in the spring!

100 Pennywort - Gotu Kola Seeds

50 Orange Bamboo Seeds
Celia Dos Santos

We love ❤️

50 Eastern Red Cedar Seeds
Kathrine Mauller
Red Cedar Seeds

I have received my order of 200 red cedar seeds. They were received in a timely manner. Now I need to soak them and put them in the frig for about 60 days. My figures are crossed they all germinate. :)

Great product

They are the real Colorado blue spruce seeds. I have received multiple fake ones before and glad these are real.

The seeds have not arrived yet

I received all the seeds I ordered except the blackberry

10 White Lotus Seeds
Corrado Gambuzza

10 White Lotus Seeds

5 Plumeria Frangipani Hawaiian Lei Flower Seeds

Why did you address me as Chief?

Seeds came in package safe. No other comment.


Hope they grow! Instructions were detailed well enough. 🤞🤞

10 Blue Lotus Seeds
Alisa Shearion

10 Blue Lotus Seeds

50 English Primrose Mix Seeds
Elizabeth Ainsworth
The seeds arrived

It is hard to review other than to say they were delivered.haven’t had time to propagate yet

Pink Cherry Blossoms Tree Seeds Sakura

Timely and accompanied by excellent instructions

thanks you

Gunnera seeds

Too early to give a review just starting the seeds


I never seen a seed so hard to germinate as a bamboo seed. I've bought 100's of seeds trying to grow 20 plants

Zoysia seeds

I planted the seeds, waiting for them to grow. If positive I will order more

Just a question, can I purchase some seeds ungirminated with wing attached ?