10 Assorted Succulent Cuttings - Seed World
10 Assorted Succulent Cuttings - Seed World
10 Assorted Succulent Cuttings - Seed World
10 Assorted Succulent Cuttings - Seed World

10 Assorted Succulent Cuttings

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Assorted Succulent Cuttings Clippings for Dish Garden Terrariums Mini Fairy

Each cutting is approx. 1.5 inches to 5 inches diameter/long. We do our best effort to include as much mix of colors based on the current availability but you will not necessarily receive the cuttings that are shown in the pictures for this listing.

Succulents are great for living walls, dish gardens, miniature gardens, terrariums, mini fairy gardens, and party favors.

Soil pH: Neutral
Features: Evergreen
Soil Type: well-drained soil, Loam, Peat, Sand
Growth Stage: Ripening
Color: Colorful
Climate: Dry, Sub-tropical, Temperate
Sunlight: Partial Shade, Full Sun
Genus: Echeveria
Foliage: Evergreen
Watering: Light
Season of Interest: All Seasons
Plant Characteristic: fleshy leaf
Succulents plant: assorted succulent cuttings
USDA Hardiness Zone (°F): 10 (30 to 40 °F)


1. A cutting must be calloused over before planting, meaning the stem cut end of the pad is dry and has sealed itself over in order to protect itself. It usually takes 3-7 days to be calloused, cactus may take longer to be calloused before planting.

2. Open up your box immediately upon your succulents/cactus cutting/bare root/whole plant arrival. Never expose your succulents/cactus under the direct sun when arrival.

3. Use cactus/succulents mix soil or well drains soil, before planting moist the soil then plants your cutting ½-2 inches into the soil.

4. Place it in a warm, airy location under indirect sunlight, filtered sunlight, or shaded area after planting. Water it 5-10 days later after planting depending on the condition. The cutting usually would develop roots anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Bare root succulents/cactus would develop roots faster. Never place your newly planted succulents/cactus under direct sun.

5. Once the root system is established, the plant would then start to show new growth. Succulents do best under bright filtered sunlight, to get better color some varieties might need to grow under direct sunlight. Succulents' color may vary from time to time and in seasons.

Quantity:  10 Assorted Succulent Cuttings