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Rose of Jericho - Resurrection Plant (1 pc)  (About 3-4")
Rose of Jericho - Resurrection Plant (1 pc)  (About 3-4")
Rose of Jericho - Resurrection Plant (1 pc)  (About 3-4")

Rose of Jericho - Resurrection Plant (1 pc) (About 3-4")

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Rose of Jericho (Flower de Jericho), Resurrection Plant, 1 Regular (About 3-4")

This is a "regular" size plant, which is 3 inches wide and tall, many being larger. This is a wild-grown and harvested plant, so the size will vary.

Rose of Jericho is not a rose, but a Mexican desert plant with unusual properties. It is also known as the Resurrection flower because the plant seems to come to life after appearing to be dead. Water is used to re-hydrate the plant.

Place the root side of the Jericho Flower in a shallow bowl of water. It will slowly start to show green foliage - it could take 4 hours to show much and 24 hours to fully green up. Very few of them turn completely green, but almost all have most of the inside top of the plant with green leaves after reviving.

Name: Resurrection Plant
Other Common Names: Spike Moss / Rose of Jericho / Dinosaur Plant / Air Plant / Miracle Plant / Prehistoric Plant / Siempre Viva (Live Forever)
Scientific Name: Selaginella Lepidophylla
Hardiness Zone: 8- 10 / House Plant
Plant Height: 6 - 12”
Plant Spacing: 6 - 9”
Light Requirements: Partial – Full Shade
Soil & Water Preferences: See Description Below

This plant can be found under many different names, including the Jericho rose, Resurrection Plant, Siempre Viva, or Dinosaur Plant.

The scientific names are Anastatica hierochuntica, the African and Asian version, or Selaginella lepidophylla, the North American variety.

The original name was Biblical in nature, and the sudden blooming of this desert flower was meant to represent Mary's womb opening and closing.

It grows naturally in Northern Africa, southwest Asia, southwest America, and Central America.