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25 Rebutia Variety Mix Exotic Flowering Cactus Seeds - Seed World

25 Rebutia Variety Mix Exotic Flowering Cactus Seeds

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Rebutia Variety Mix Exotic Flowering Color Cacti Rare Cactus Aloe Seeds

Add some exotic beauty to your garden with our Rebutia variety mix cactus seeds. These hardy seeds are easy to grow and produce stunning, flowering cacti that are perfect for adding a touch of the desert to any outdoor space. Our Rebutia variety mix includes a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, ensuring a unique and interesting display. In addition to their striking appearance, cacti are also low maintenance and require minimal watering, making them a practical choice for busy plant lovers. Order now and add some spiky beauty to your garden today!

Package of 25 seeds of different varieties of Rebutias, the picture is only to give an idea of the plants used to collect seeds but there are a lot more not showing in this picture.

This is a mix and will ship as a mix not independently labeled by species, the seeds were taken this season.