Giant Bermuda Grass Seeds

Giant Bermuda Grass Seeds

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Giant Bermuda Grass Seeds - Hulled 1/4 lb. Coastal Bermuda Alternative

Giant Bermuda is similar in appearance to the popular hybrid Coastal Bermuda. It has the same erect and giant growth and vigorous spreading habits associated with Coastal. There is one major difference in that Coastal Bermuda does not seed, but the Giant variety does (Often also called NK37 Giant).

Giant Bermudagrass grows tall enough to cut for hay, even on low fertility soils. At a Yuma Arizona trial measurements showed an average of 30 inches in height compared to 14-16 inches for common on same type soils.

Four to Five cuttings a year are possible with Giant with Nitrogen a key factor in total tonnage production. With proper management a cutting or grazing can be made as early as 50 days after seeding the field. Giant is a perennial grass that is alkali and heat tolerant.

Quantity: 1/4 lb. Hulled Giant Bermuda Grass Seeds