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30 Fragrant Yellow Phlox Flower Seeds

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 Fragrant Yellow Phlox Flower Seeds - Shade Perennial

This easy-to-grow plant has large captivating bundles of blooms that are a gorgeous bright yellow. And the loveliest fragrance. Hardy giant heads with blossoms that stay beautiful right thru summer's heat.

Likes shade or partial sun. Will grow 18 inches tall. Comes back year after year. Can be started indoors in winter and be transplanted outdoor in spring. Or can be sown directly into the ground in spring, summer, or fall

Butterflies love the Phlox for their flat heads on each flower. They are easily grown flowers from seed and this one has a light sweet fragrance.

The soft yellow goes well with so many bright colors and pastels alike. Since they a natural wildflowers, they require little or no maintenance and self-sow on their own. Although an annual it quickly becomes a perennial.

A true native to the Gulf Coast but grows well in any climate zone.

ZONES: 3 - 10
USDA Hardiness Zone (¬įF):¬†10 (30 to 40 ¬įF)
Plant Habit: Flowering