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25 Snow White Sunflower Seeds

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Snow White Sunflower Seeds - Perennial Flower Bloom

Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are perhaps one of the easiest flowers that you can grow in the garden. They are so easy to grow that they are frequently used to introduce very young gardeners to the joys of gardening.

Many gardeners fondly remember planting the black and white seeds of giant sunflowers and watching in wonder as they grew to tower into the sky. But just because sunflowers are easy to grow does not mean that they should be dismissed from the grown-up garden.

The variety of sunflowers available to the home gardener is absolutely amazing and, as an added bonus, sunflowers can help attract some local birds to your garden.

Zone 3-9
Full Sun
Plant Type Medium size
Bloom Season Spring, Summer, and fall
Plant Height 3’-12’
Ornamental Use
Features Attract Bees and Butterfly’s
Life Cycle Perennial, Annual