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20 Rare Mix Conophytum Succulent Seeds - Seed World

20 Rare Mix Conophytum Succulent Seeds

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Conophytum Seeds-Rare Succulent, Button Plant, Colorful Face - Mix

The lithops seeds are very extremely TINY. Please be very careful when opening the pack as they might be blown away. The germination temperature is between 60-70F.

Safety: Child Safe, Pet Safe
Type: Bonsai, Cacti & Succulents, Herbs, Houseplants, Ornamental Grasses
Features: Rare Succulent
Growth Stage: Seedling
Color: Multicolor
Climate: Dessert Plant
Sunlight: Medium Sun
Genus: Conophytum
Foliage: Bipartite
Common Name: Living Stone
Watering: Light
Plant Category: Cactus & Succulents
Season of Interest: Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter