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1000 Switchgrass Native Grass Seed
1000 Switchgrass Native Grass Seed - Seed World
1000 Switchgrass Native Grass Seed - Seed World
1000 Switchgrass Native Grass Seed - Seed World

1000 Switchgrass Native Grass Seed

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Switchgrass (Panicum Virgatum) Native Prairie Tall Grass Clumping Ornamental Perennial

This native grass grows best in areas that receive 30 inches of rainfall a year or in irrigated areas with average to wet soils. It is resistant to many pests and plant diseases, and it is capable of producing high yields with very low applications of fertilizer. This means that the need for agricultural chemicals to grow switchgrass is low to non-existent. Switchgrass also is very tolerant of poor soils, flooding, and drought.

Switchgrass usually grows 3 to 5 feet in height. Even as a seedling, it can be distinguished from other native grasses by the dense patch of hairs at the point where the leaf blade attaches to the sheath. The stem is round and usually has a reddish tint. The seed head (panicle) is spreading and open. Foliage turns a beautiful yellow in fall. Holds its form well throughout the winter and it is also an excellent material for fresh and dried arrangements. Used often as ornamental grass.

Switchgrass may be able to play a significant role in improving water quality. It could be planted on highly erodible sites and on-field borders. As well, it may be used on sandy soils where excessive nitrate leaching is associated with conventional corn production methods.

Full sun.
Spring, soil temp 70F.
SOW - 10-12 seeds per clump,1/8"deep, 24" apart. Keep lightly moist.
Germination 10-21 Days.
Height - 6'+ x 24" Wide.
Medium water until established. Then, water if no rain for weeks. No fertilizer needs.

Quantity: 1000 Seeds