5 Mixed Canna Lily Seeds - Seed World
5 Mixed Canna Lily Seeds - Seed World
5 Mixed Canna Lily Seeds - Seed World

5 Mixed Canna Lily Seeds

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Mixed Canna Lily Generalis Mix Colors Red Yellow Hummingbird Flower Seeds

Cannas are very easy to grow and offer both very attractive foliage and flowers. They will give you an excellent tropical effect, and the large slender blooms are a magnet for HUMMINGBIRDS and butterflies.

Cannas are native to the tropics and subtropics but if you live in an area with cold winter temperatures, you can simply lift and store the tubers to enjoy them again next season.

The plants I started from seeds have made nice house plants (they look great in containers!) and they will flower the first year if placed outdoors. These plants really divide. I planted 5 bulbs the year before and dug up 12 in the fall.

This year I had over 25. The seeds are said to live for over 600 years and will sprout, even after going through wildfires. Cannas are an all-around winner!

Name: Mixed Canna Lily
Scientific Name: Canna Generalis
Color: Red and Yellow
Plant Seeds: When Soil Temp Warms to 70f
Bloom Time: Summer
Hardiness Zone: 7 - 11
Plant height: 4 - 6'
Plant Spacing: 9 - 12"
Light Requirements: Sun
Soil and Water Preferences: Average - Moist