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Wine Cap Mushroom Grain Spawn - 1lb.
Wine Cap Mushroom Grain Spawn - 1lb.
Wine Cap Mushroom Grain Spawn - 1lb.

Wine Cap Mushroom Grain Spawn - 1lb.

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Unleash Culinary Excellence: Wine Cap Mushroom Grain Spawn

These seeds are not dried. They are damp, living mycelium grain cultures.

Wine caps are a fantastic option for gardeners who want to cultivate mushrooms outside.

One of the easiest mushrooms to grow are wine cap mushrooms. Their name derives from the fact that while they are young, the caps have a wine hue.

It is planted for food and highly considered as a preferred foodstuff. When you harvest them when they are still young, they are ideal for cooking.

The best mushrooms for eating are those that are quite young and do not yet have darkened gills from spore formation.

They become incredibly enormous, often exceeding 6 inches in diameter, and lose their color as they age. To distribute spores over the yard, let some mushrooms open their caps. You can never predict where they will appear next.

Substrate: hardwood chips and sawdust, straw and composts

  • Mushroom Type: Wine Cap (Stropharia rugoso-annulata)
  • Substrate: Premium grain spawn
  • Cultivation Level: Intermediate
  • Growing Method: Outdoor mushroom cultivation
  • Fruiting Time: Late spring to early fall
  • Fruiting Temperature: 50-75°F (10-24°C)
  • Growth Rate: Rapid colonization and fruiting
  • Yield: Abundant harvest of wine cap mushrooms
  • Flavor Profile: Rich, earthy, and nutty
  • Mushroom Cap Color: Deep wine-red to tan
  • Mushroom Cap Size: 2-5 inches in diameter
  • Environment: Wood chips, mulched beds, or compost-rich soil
  • Soil Type: Well-draining, high-organic-content soil
  • Moisture: Requires consistent moisture levels
  • Light: Partial to full sunlight
  • Spore Production: Capable of producing spores for future cultivation
  • Deer Resistant: Generally resistant to deer and other pests
  • Harvesting: Mushrooms are ready to harvest when caps fully expand
  • Cooking: Suitable for various culinary uses, including sautéing, grilling, and roasting

Elevate your homegrown culinary experiences with our Wine Cap Mushroom Grain Spawn. Cultivate these delectable mushrooms effortlessly and savor the unmatched flavors they bring to your dishes. Enjoy the rewarding journey of cultivating your own gourmet mushrooms with our high-quality grain spawn.

Quantity: 1 lb. Wine Cap mushroom Grain Spawn

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