10 Loquat Tree Seeds - Seed World
10 Loquat Tree Seeds - Seed World
10 Loquat Tree Seeds - Seed World
10 Loquat Tree Seeds - Seed World

10 Loquat Tree Seeds

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Loquat Tree Seeds | Fast Growing | Japanese Edible Sweet Fruit

Loquat trees are bushy and dense in appearance. They are easily spotted and easy to pick and can be eaten fresh off of the tree and can be used to make detoxifying yellow loquat juice.

As an added bonus, the leaves are gorgeous year-round and the showy white flowers lend curb appeal to these bountiful trees. It's not a wonder why they are so popular in landscapes and front/backyards! Start yours with fresh seeds this year.

Subtropical and exotic Loquat trees grow rapidly. On average, a whopping 3 feet of growth per year! Fruits from spring to summer. These self-pollinating winners produce a huge amount of fruits that appear February-March and start falling from the trees in April.

While only one tree is needed to set fruit, it is best to plant two if you can..for even more fruit (like in the picture).

Other Names: Eriobotrya japonica

Grow Zones: 7,8,9,10

How to Care for Loquat Trees

These trees can withstand a freeze to 10 degrees however the flowers and fruits cannot withstand an under 30-degree freeze without a cotton sheet or some plastic cover over them. Be sure to protect young trees from temperature lows. Grows in both acidic and alkaline soils. Fertilize loquat trees 3 times per year (general-purpose lawn fertilizer works fine).

Germination Procedure:

Soak seeds for 48 hours in a glass of water. Sow seeds 1/2 an inch into moist soil. Keep seeds and soil moist throughout the germination phase. Seeds germinate in temperatures over 70 degrees. Germination time: 30 days.