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150 French Marigold Sparky Mix Seeds - Seed World
French Marigold Sparky Mix Seeds
French Marigold Sparky Mix Seeds

French Marigold Sparky Mix Seeds

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French Marigold Sparky Mix Flower Tagetes

French Marigolds are a popular companion planting for veggies as they are known to help repel harmful pests! Easy to establish from seed, this dwarf variety won't grow more than 12 inches tall, but these large blooms are far from puny!

If you need a pop of color in the garden that endures Spring, Summer, and Autumn, then you really can’t go past a French Marigold. With a long list of benefits for the garden and in the home, as well as being a gorgeous cut flower, you won’t mind that these scented beauties will re-seed every year.

Name: French Marigold Seeds
Botanical Name: Tagetes patula
Life Cycle: Annual
Light Requirement: Full Sun
Planting Season: Spring
Plant Type: Tall fern-like stems with large, orange and yellow flowers
Features: Heirloom, Attracts Pollinators, Attracts Hummingbirds, Fragrant, Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant, Cut Flower Garden, Easy to Grow & Maintain, Container Garden, Edible
Color: Yellow, Orange
Blooms: Summer, Late Summer, Early Fall, Fall
Plant Height: Up to 12 inches
Plant Spacing: 12 inches
Planting Depth: 1/16 inch
Sowing Method: Start Indoors, Direct Sow
Cold Stratification: No
Hardiness Zones: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10