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Empire Zoysia Grass Seeds | Lawn Grass
Empire Zoysia Grass Seeds/ Lawn Grass - Seed World

Empire Zoysia Grass Seeds | Lawn Grass

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Empire Zoysia Grass Seeds

Empire Zoysia grass is the top-selling Zoysia cultivar available due to its wide array of notable characteristics. Empire Zoysia is dark-green in color with a wide leaf blade.

A strong root structure ensures a healthy lawn with less maintenance due to its slow vertical growth.

Its soft texture, visual appeal, and sturdiness make this sod an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a durable and versatile turf.


  • Best adapted turf for the transition zone
  • Low water requirement
  • Low nutrition requirement
  • Winter hardy
  • Less frequent mowing required — from 1 to 2 inches — with either reel or rotary mowers
  • Dense turf resists weeds

Quantity: 1/8 LB