Live Creeping Jenny weed plant
Live Creeping Jenny weed plant

Live Creeping Jenny weed plant

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1 Live Creeping Jennys Plant

Region: New Zealand
Location: Southern North America
Growth Rate: medium
Can Be Grown Emersed: underwater but you can use them emersed on terrariums or paludariums) when grow emersed humidity has to be extremely high to keep the plant alive.

This is a cultivar of the popular aquarium plant known as Creeping Jenny. It has a sightly golden color, being one of the few aquatic plants that are golden. It needs fairly bright light because of the light color of its leaves, and it is pretty much undemanding. It is slow growing and forms a nice bush. Furthermore, it also holds on to its older leaves and is not too susceptible to algae.

Creeping jenny care Level: intermediate
Light Needs: Medium
Jenny plants Structure: Stem
Family: Lloydiella
Genus: nummularia
You will get: 1 bundle of Lloydiella Golden.