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1000 Crab Claw Seeds
1000 Crab Claw Seeds
400 Crab Claw Seeds | Peperomia Pellucida - Seed World
400 Crab Claw Seeds | Peperomia Pellucida - Seed World

1000 Crab Claw Seeds

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Crab Claw Herb Seed Peperomia pellucida "Krasang Teap" in Khmer Shiny Bush Seeds

Peperomia pellucida also known by the common names pepper elder, shining bush plant, is an annual, shallow-rooted herb belonging to Piperaceae (Pepper family).

Strong growth, disease resistance
Light requirement: Full Sun, Medium sun, Low sun
Sowing method: Direct sow. Avoid covering the seeds with soil. Keep the seeds moist.
Days to Maturity: 15-20 Days
Planting time: All Season
Cultivating Difficulty: Easy
Type: Vegetable Seeds
Features: Edible, Evergreen, Flowering, Open-Pollinating
Color: Green
Climate: Humid Continental, Humid Subtropical, Tropical Wet, Tropical Wet & Dry
Sunlight: Low Sun, Medium Sun
Life Cycle: Annual
Common Name: Crab Claw seeds,
Watering: Medium
Season of Interest: Fall, Spring, Summer