50 Costa Rico Red Moso Bamboo Seeds
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50 Costa Rico Red Moso Bamboo Seeds

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Costa Rico Red Moso Bamboo Seeds - Bambusa Vulgaris

Costa Rico Red Moso bamboo plants are very easy to grow. This is a type of clumping bamboo. This bamboo loves full sun, low sun, or medium sun.

Can survive USDA Hardiness Zone 6-10. The best seasons for this bamboo plant are autumn, spring, and summer. The climate of this bamboo is cold, dry, sub-tropical, wet tropical, wet tropical, and dry.

You can plant seeds in loam, peat, saline, and sand types of soil.

Growing Bamboo from Seeds:

1. Place the bamboo seeds in a sieve and rinse with cold water to remove any dirt on the seeds.
2. Pour the seeds into a bowl. Make a 10 percent salt solution and pour it over the seeds. Let the seeds soak in this solution for five minutes.
3. Pour the seeds into using a sieve and rinse. Soak the seeds in clear water for 15 minutes, and drain to dry.
4. Make a semi-perlite and peat moss mixture. Wet the mixture until you can take a handful and barely squeeze out a drop.
5. Place the soil mixture in a flat planter box with a lid. A plastic sweater box with holes in the bottom is the ideal size and shape for this project.
6. Draw rows in the soil mixture about 1 inch deep and plant a sprinkling of seeds along each row. Alternately, dig a hole 2 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Sprinkle about 10 seeds at the bottom of the hole.
7. Cover the seeds with a fine soil mixture. Place the box in a safe place where it will not be disturbed.
8. Open the lid every three days to provide fresh air for the plants. Moisten the soil during this time if it has started to dry out. Replace the lid after you have watered the mixture.
9. Remove the cap permanently once the seedlings reach the inner cap. The first seedlings will sprout after two to three weeks, and the seeds will continue to germinate until all of them appear.
10. Mix all-purpose houseplant fertilizer according to package directions. Pour the fertilizer into a clean spray bottle and spray the plants after they are four weeks old.
11. Move the seedlings into individual pots after they have grown for one month. Use the same soilless mix to grow seedlings indoors.