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100 Rare Cape Gooseberry Seeds - Seed World
100 Rare Cape Gooseberry Seeds - Seed World

100 Rare Cape Gooseberry Seeds

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Cape Gooseberry Seeds – Rare Fruit Autumn Ground Cherry Heirloom Sweet

Cape gooseberries are long-lasting the fresh fruits can be stored in a sealed container and kept in a dry atmosphere for a couple of months.

Fruit: After the flower falls the calyx expands forming a straw-colored husk much larger than the fruit enclosed which takes 70 to 80 days to mature.

The fruit is a berry with smooth, waxy, orange-yellow skin and juicy pulp containing numerous very small yellowish seeds. As the fruits ripen they begin to drop to the ground but will continue to mature and change from green to golden-yellow of the mature fruit.

Cape gooseberries are self-pollinated, but pollination is enhanced by a gentle shaking of the flowering stems or giving the plants a light spraying with water.

Sunlight -Full
Days to Germination-21
Planting Depth-1/8" These must be kept at approximately 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit during the entire duration of their germination. Cool temps will stop germination.
Life Cycle-Tender Perennial
Sowing-Indoors or Outdoors in warm climates
Days to Maturity-70-80
Fruits: Golden Goose Berries.