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100 California Blackeye Cowpea Seeds

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Experience Farm-Fresh Delight: Plant Your Own California Blackeye Cowpea Seeds!

Discover the joy of growing California Blackeye Cowpeas! Versatile and nutritious, these premium seeds yield tender and creamy legumes. Easy to grow, they thrive in various conditions. Enjoy their delightful taste in a variety of dishes

The 6" to 8" long pods are stuffed to the brim with enormous, delicious-tasting seeds, which can be eaten fresh or dried. Strong, fruitful vines are nematode and wilt resistant. Like other beans, blackeye peas need warm days and nights to mature correctly. Mulch or cultivate to keep weeds at bay. Pick pods as soon as they are fully loaded with seeds for use right away.

Heavenly delicious. Delicious flavor, whether it be dried or fresh.

  • Zones 3-10
  • Arid, Moist Subtropical, Moist Continental, and Highland
  • Typical Name: Pea
  • the hue brown
  • Habit of Growth: Lumping
  • Type of Soil: Chalk, Clay, Loam
  • Interest Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall
  • Cycle of Life: Annual
  • Watering: Moderate
  • Vigna unguiculata subsp., a genus. unguiculata
  • Light: The entire sun
  • Qualities: Edible
  • Growing Difficulty: Simple

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