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5 Brahea Armata | Blue Hesper Palm Seeds

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Brahea Armata - Blue Hesper Palm - Very Cold Hardy Seeds

The Blue Hesper Palm Tree, scientific name (Brahea armata), is one of the most popular palm trees in Florida, because of its unique appearance and low maintenance. This stunning palm would be a great focal point for any landscape. Can also be grown indoors in a container.

Brahea armata can tolerate cold temperatures down to 15F and can be grown in states like Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia.

TheĀ Blue Fan Palm is Grown for its Striking Bluish Green Foliage that is Extremely Resistant to Sun, Drought, & Strong Winds. Very Cold Hardy it can Survive Short Periods at 18 F. One of the Most Popular Palms for Landscaping, the Mexican Blue Palm was the Recipient of the Prestigious "Award of Garden Merit" of the Royal Horticultural Society. A Truly Striking Edition to any Landscaping or Container Planting.

This beautiful tree offers much versatility as a landscape Palm or as a Container Plant which can be brought Indoors in areas with a Colder winter. The Attractive Eye Catching Bluish Grey foliage makes a nice contrast with desert vegetation. Cultural Requirements: Mexican Blue Palm tolerates extremes of heat, cold, drought, wind, and a wide range of growing conditions. The Blue Hesper Palm has a single gray trunk which is topped with beautiful silvery-blue fan-shaped fronds. Lightly swollen at the base trunk is ringed with scars from old leaf bases.

The trunk can get up to 1.5ft in diameter. It requires some maintenance, if the dead leaves are not trimmed or dropped off they form a brown skirt. Brahea armata has one of the bluest fronds in the world. It has 25-20 palmate, or fan-shaped, fronds with 40 to 60 leaflets which can range from pastel bluish-white or silver-blue to aquamarine in color.

The Blue Hesper Palm has waxy stems that are covered with dark curved thorns. During the summer months, Blue Hesper Palm produces beautiful white fragrant flowers that grow in clusters up to 3ft long. They hang down from the leaves extending much farther than the leavesā€™ length.

Flowers are bisexual, and male and female flowers are on the same inflorescence. The Blue Hesper Palm flowers are considered to be one of the most beautiful palm flowers. As flowers mature they are followed by reddish-brown editable fruits. These berry-like fruits are about Ā¾ inch in diameter and have a single round seed inside. This palm can get up to 40 ft tall and 15 ft wide.