300 Blue Fescue Grass Seeds
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300 Blue Fescue Grass Seeds

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Blue Fescue Seeds - Fesnea Glauca Ornamental Grass

Blue fescue grass looks lovely in uniform rows and makes for a great accent to other flowering shrubs or border plants. And it holds its own as a decorative potted plant as well. It's a showy bush grass that can withstand heavy heat and dry regions.

Interestingly, the more it goes through drought, the deeper the color is. Indeed, this champion ornamental is found thriving in a variety of climates around the United States. Put a touch of class to your grass by planting Silver Blue Cinerea Festuca.

Germination Instructions:

Germinate in temperatures between 65-72 degrees (To control temperature, start indoors, near a sunny window). Press the seeds gently into the soil so they will "stay put" while taking care to ensure that they aren't completely covered in soil as the seeds need sunlight to germinate.

Keep seeds and the soil moist. Germination time takes up to 21 days. Space new seedlings 1 foot apart in distance, at a rate of no more than 3 seedlings per clump for a hardy-looking display.

Name: Blue Sheep's Fescue Grass
Scientific Name: Fesnea Ovina Glauca
Color: Bluish Green With White Flowers
Plant Seeds: Outdoors After Frost / Indoors Weeks Before Last Frost
Bloom Time: Late Spring - Early Summer
Hardiness Zone: 4 - 11 (& Reseeds Itself Easily)
Plant Height: 6 - 12"
Plant Spacing: 6 - 12"
Light Requirements: Sun - Part Shade
Soil & Water Preferences: Average
Quantity: 200 Seeds
Other: Fescue is an Ornamental Grass That Forms Very Neat Little Mounds. It Can Be Trimmed to Your Desired Size and Shape. Nobody Ever Talks About the Flowers It Forms, but You Can See Them in the Above Pictures.