2000 Basil Seeds - Large Leaf Spring Herb Heirloom - Seed World
2000 Basil Seeds - Large Leaf Spring Herb Heirloom - Seed World

2000 Basil Seeds - Large Leaf Spring Herb Heirloom

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1500+ Basil Seeds Large Leaf Autumn Herb Heirloom Garden Mosquito Repellent

* Basil is perfect for growing in the Autumn kitchen garden!

* Our basil thrives in container gardens, and it can easily be grown under lights during the dark days of Winter!

* Basil is said to be an excellent at repelling mosquitoes and other pesky insects!

* This Non-GMO heirloom basil does great in very warm weather!

* This is the variety that is used for authentic Neapolitan cuisine! This open-pollinated Basil variety is also used to flavor Asian cuisine and is usually added at the last minute to maximize its sensational flavor.

* This variety of Basil is very high in essential oils making it an excellent flavor addition to pastas, cuisines, pesto, vegetables, soups and generally any sauce!

* Dried Basil will never compare to freshly picked Basil. Dried Basil will lose a lot of its essential oils when dried. It is so nice to have this growing in a kitchen garden or container and picking the leaves fresh as you need them to add to your foods.

* The only real maintenance you have to do with Basil is picking its leaves on a regular basis to create a bushier growing habit.

* Plant Basil near tomatoes and peppers since its a fantastic companion plant and reported to be great at repelling insects like Mosquitoes!! It'll repel aphids, hornworms and even mites! It is actually, in my opinion, an essential plant to grow near tomatoes and peppers!

* This Non-GMO Basil, being of mediterranean origin, doesn't require a lot of water. It is an excellent plant for those practicing water conservation like Californians and those from the desert Southwest. All Basil really needs is rich, well drained soil and regular light watering to thrive.

Culture Notes:

Sunlight -Full

Days to Germination-~10

Planting Depth-Surface sow but make sure the very tiny seeds are in soil contact to improve germination

Life Cycle- Tender Perennial

Germination Temperature-80 Fahrenheit

Sowing-Direct or Indoors

Days to Maturity-75