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15 Olive Tree - Olea Europaea Seeds - Seed World
15 Olive Tree - Olea Europaea Seeds - Seed World
15 Olive Tree - Olea Europaea Seeds - Seed World

15 Olive Tree - Olea Europaea Seeds

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European olives (Olea europaea), also known as olive trees, belong to the Oleaceae family. It originated in the Mediterranean regions of Asia, from where it quickly spread to warm European countries and now to other continents.

One of the oldest man-grown trees. In cooler climates, it is suitable only for growing in pots as a houseplant, terrace, or balcony plant. Perfect for Mediterranean or Greek-style gardens.

The fruits are used in medicine, cooking, and cosmetics. Olive oil is considered a "superfood". Olive leaves are sometimes used as a spice.
The plant is long-lived (lives up to 2000 years), and growing slowly. It grows up to 12-15 m in nature and up to 2.5 m indoors. Trunks are very short, thick, and embossed. Younger branches are usually steep and the bark is silvery gray.

The leaves are lanceolate, pointed, matte on one side, and whitish at the bottom. The flowers are very small, with four petals, concentrated in long inflorescences, white, and yellow inside, pleasant smell. Blooms from June to August. Fruit fleshy, oval-shaped stone fruit, edible.

Pots grown in pots need a sunny spot. The soil should be fertile, conductive, and slightly acid-neutral (pH 6-7). Watered abundantly but infrequently, not allowing it to dry out. Fertilize in early spring and for the second time in midsummer with a universal fertilizer for potted plants.

Genus: Olea
Species: Europaea
Common name: Olive Tree
Other names: Olive, Cultivated Olive, European Olive
Pre-Treatment: Not-required
Hardiness zones:  8 - 10
Height: 15'-30' / 4.60 - 9 m
Spread: 12'-25' / 3.70 - 8 m
Plant type:  Tree
Vegetation type: Evergreen
Exposure: Full Sun
Growth rate: Slow
Soil PH: Neutral, Alkaline
Soil type: Loam, Sand, Well Drained
Water requirements: Drought Tolerant
Landscape uses: Edible, Feature Plant, Fruit / Fruit Tree, Shade Trees, Topiary / Bonsai / Espalier
Germination rate: 70%
Leaf / Flower color: Olive, Gray Green / Yellow, White
Plant growth rate: Slow

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