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35 Pansy Mammoth Pink Berry Seeds

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Pansy Mammoth Pink Berry / Self-Seeding Annual Flower Seeds

Easy to grow and wonderfully fragrant! Pansies have been gardener's favorites for centuries. They are popular, easy, and fun to grow! One of the earliest blooming flowers. Will bloom from early spring thru summer.

Hardy annuals are perfect for the front of beds, borders, rock gardens, and edgings. Once established, they should grow well in almost any type of soil, even if left unattended.

They also look stunning in small bouquets as well as patio containers and window boxes. Seeds can be collected so that you can grow this year after year. They prefer full sun but would do well in partial shade in areas with hot summers. Each flower is approx. 2 inches.

These all reach a height of approx. 8-12 inches, width is approx. 8 inches. Can be started indoors in winter to be transplanted out- doors in spring. Or, can be sown directly into the ground in spring after winter's last frost.