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20 Purple Tiger Pepper Seeds - NON-GMO

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Nice ornamental pepper, with small, deep purple and green leaves and light purple tiny pepper pods throughout the plant.  Plants grow to around 15" high with a nice bush shape that does not require staking or support.

Pepper pods ripen from light purple to bright red in late summer.  Grows well in smaller containers from half a gallon to 2-gallon size.  I've been growing for the past 3 years, with no issues with diseases or pests.

The quickest pepper I've had that starts producing pepper pods.  Pods are edible, the spice level is a bit spicier than jalapenos. 

Features: Dwarf, Edible, Open-Pollinating
Color: Purple
Climate: Humid Continental
Sunlight: Full Sun, Medium Sun
Genus: Capsicum
Life Cycle: Annual
Common Name: Pepper
Watering: Medium
Season of Interest: Summer
Germination rate 80% at 80 F in 7-14 days