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300 Red Acre Cabbage Seeds - Seed World

300 Red Acre Cabbage Seeds

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Red Acre Cabbage(Brassica Oleracea) Non-GMO

This bright reddish-purple cabbage will add vivid color to both your garden and your table! The crisp, tender heads reach 7" in diameter and have good resistance to splitting! This is the perfect cabbage to add a festive red/purple color to a salad or coleslaw.


Start your Red Acre seeds inside 8-12 weeks before the last spring frost, planting them in rich soil 1/2 inch deep and 2 inches apart. Because the first crop of cabbage should mature before the heat of summer, plant your seedlings about 4 weeks before the last expected frost; set them 12-18" apart in rows 3-4' apart, burying the stems about halfway up. For a fall crop, direct sow or transplant seedlings in midsummer.


If hard frosts come, cover the young plants. Mulch around them to regulate soil temperature, and keep the soil moisture even to prevent the cabbages from splitting.


Harvest the cabbages as soon as feel firm and reach a good size. Small Red Acre cabbages stay very tender even when stored for winter use.