300 White Sage Seeds - Seed World
300 White Sage Seeds - Seed World
300 White Sage Seeds - Seed World
300 White Sage Seeds - Seed World

300 White Sage Seeds

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Salvia Apiana Seeds - White Sage, Sacred Cali Burning Sage

Other Names: Salvia Apiana, Sacred White Sage, California Sage, Smudging Sage
Grow Zones: 7,8,9,10,11

Used for cooking, medicine, and cleansing. Salvia Apiana California sage is the go-to industry standard for sage smudging sticks, oil diffusers, and incense burners. It is the most widely used (and preferred) due to its fast growth rate, longer leaves, handling ease, and proven effectiveness in air purification. Burning sage leaves from the Salvia apiana plant will kill viruses and bacteria in your home via air purification.

It is strikingly beautiful in landscapes, as the powdery white leaves with their broad structures really play well next to other colorful herbs and flowers. It has a hardy spread and height (4-5 ft tall, 4-5 ft. wide). Often found in walkways, entrances, and borders. It can be potted or standalone in the ground and grows in a variety of environments, ecosystems, and soil types. In addition, it has a high disease resistance.

How to Care for Salvia Apiana White Sacred Sage
Grow in full sun. Remove old flower stalks. If potting, choose sandy soil types with excellent drainage. White sage thrives in drier soils, avoid cold and wet ones. No fertilizer is required however it is not discouraged, freely apply a light fertilizer, sparingly.

Germination Procedure: Cold stratify seeds in the refrigerator or freezer for 1 month in order to simulate winter conditions and thus break seed dormancy. Next, sow seeds at 1/4 of an inch depth. Keep seeds and soil moist throughout the germination phase, for 30 days.

Tip: Adding a liquid smoke treatment to the seeds is said to double germination rates

Quantity: 300 White Sage Seeds