100 Sugar Cane Plant Seeds - Seed World
100 Sugar Cane Plant Seeds - Seed World
100 Sugar Cane Plant Seeds - Seed World
100 Sugar Cane Plant Seeds - Seed World
100 Sugar Cane Plant Seeds - Seed World

100 Sugar Cane Plant Seeds

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Sugar Cane Plant Seeds Mixed

Climate: Temperate
Watering: Medium
Soil pH: Neutral
Season of Interest: Summer
Sunlight: Full Sun
Soil Type: Peat, Sand
Foliage: Evergreen

Sowing seeds

Planting sugarcane seed requires advance agronomical practices to prepare the soil with the introduction of nitro ammophos, compost. And in the spring, when the soil warms up, the planting in the holes with a depth of 2 cm, the care for the plantings is made according to the schedule and as needed.

In July, the plant begins to grow actively, adding to the growth of 3 cm per day. Moderate feeding, regular watering and breaking of panicles are a prerequisite for the cultivation of sugar cane. Glaze superphosphate in the redness of the sheet of cane is required.

Cane reaches a height of 2 or even 3 meters in maturity, and three months after germination, when the seeds turn brown – you can begin to harvest. Every day of delay in harvesting sugar cane, leads to a loss of up to 3% of the sugar plant.


In order for the cane to go into growth, it is necessary to allocate a well-lit place on the site. Before planting, you need to prepare the site, it is digged, mineral fertilizers are applied, and organic matter is introduced from autumn.


When the soil warms up to 12 degrees, you can start sowing. In two weeks, there will be shoots.

If reeds are grown in favorable conditions, they are not exposed to diseases and grow rapidly. Reed is better to cut in time to the trunk was strong and thick, and the landing to produce at a distance of at least 35 cm between plants and half a meter in the aisles.


Cane enough to water three times a week, and weeding to produce as necessary, until the plant reaches half a meter in height, after the sugar plant will be able to get rid of weeds on their own, taking from the soil nutrients and clogging other vegetation.


Aerated soil, good effect on the growth rate of cane, so do not neglect the hilling of young plants. After three to four months, the sugar cane will begin to ripen and fold the panicles with grains, during this period, the collection of cane for sugar should begin.

Quantity: 100 Seeds