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10 Sweet Heat Hot Pepper Seeds

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Sweet Heat Hot Pepper Seeds

Sweet Heat Hot Pepper Seeds. Annual. Non-GMO. Open Pollinated. Capsicum annuum. 55-60 days. Technically considered a variety of hot pepper, the Sweet Heat pepper only registers around 300 Scoville Heat Units, about the same rating as a mild Sweet Banana pepper.

Sweet Heat peppers produce 3-4 inch long peppers that change from green to red as they ripen that are ready to harvest in 55-60 days. Plants mature 10-12 inches tall and 14 inches wide and require some staking and support as the plant becomes top heavy during fruiting.

Sweet pepper thrives in pots and containers and can perennially overwinter in warm enough regions. Pepper is a heat-loving crop and does not perform well in shade or cold soils. Seeds are best if started indoors 4-6 weeks prior to the final spring frost.