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50 Cordyline Purple Tower Seeds - Seed World
50 Cordyline Purple Tower Seeds - Seed World
10 Cordyline Australis Purpurea Seeds
10 Cordyline Australis Purpurea Seeds

10 Cordyline Australis Purpurea Seeds

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Cordyline Australis Purple, Red Cabbage, Cordyline Australis Purple

This popular Cordyline is sure to please with its beautiful purple leaf blades. This medium-sized, frost-hardy, perennial evergreen blooms lovely creamy white flowers in late summer. 

A high tolerance to drought makes this a wonderful addition to any garden, especially xeriscape. Grows perfectly in semi-shade to direct sun. In northern climates, the plant is grown as an ornamental tropical plant. Beautifully interesting in all parts of the year!

Also known as Dracaena 'Purple Tower', it has long, slender, strap-like leaves blue/purple in colour. Spikes of small fragrant creamy/white flowers develop on mature plants in late summer. Elegant and decorative they make attractive feature plants and are perfect for putting colour into your garden or on your patio in a decorative pot.

Lain Name: Dracaena 'Purple Tower.
Common Name: Cordyline Australis 'Purple Tower', Cabbage Palm 'Purple Tower.
Origin: New Zealand.
Hardiness: Withstands light frost.
Growth: Very easy to grow. Rosettes of long plum/purple coloured sword-shaped leaves. Evergreen. Great for coastal gardens.
Sunlight: Full sun/ partial shade.
Exposure: Sheltered.
Soil: Tolerate most soils. Prefers fertile, well-drained.
Moisture: Water moderately during the growing season.