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20 Butterfly Orchid Tree |Bauhinia Purpurea Seeds - Seed World
20 Butterfly Orchid Tree |Bauhinia Purpurea Seeds - Seed World
20 Butterfly Orchid Tree |Bauhinia Purpurea Seeds - Seed World

10 Butterfly Orchid Tree | Bauhinia Purpurea Seeds

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Butterfly Orchid Tree | Bauhinia Purpurea

Extraordinary orchid-like blossoms make this tropical tree one of the most beautiful available. The orchid tree is native to Southeast Asia and is well adapted to hot tropical climates as well as more mild ones. It grows to a medium height and has an open canopy.

This semi-evergreen tree loses its leaves in early spring just before it blooms, which really helps the showy flowers stand out. The exotic blossoms are spidery and rich magenta to pink in color. They literally cloak the entire tree creating a spectacular show.

These self-sow prodigiously in sandy soils and may become invasive where conditions are right. The soft green, distinctly two-lobed leaves reappear shortly after flowering begins.

This tough tree requires perfectly drained soil and full sun. It is very drought tolerant once established but if conditions are too dry it may become stunted but will not withhold bloom. This is a perfect problem solver for warm drought-stressed areas in need of colorful accent trees.

Genus - Bauhinia
Species - Purpurea
Common name - Butterfly Orchid Tree
Other names - Purple Bauhinia, Bauhinia triandra
Pre-Treatment - Not-required
Hardiness zones - 9 - 13
Height - 15'-25' / 5 - 8 m
Spread - 15'-20' / 5 - 6 m
Plant type - Tree
Vegetation type - Semi-evergreen
Exposure - Full Sun, Partial Sun
Growth rate - Fast
Soil PH - Acidic, Neutral
Soil type - Clay, Loam, Sand
Water requirements - Drought Tolerant, Average Water
Landscape uses - Feature Plant, Shade Trees, Street Trees, Tropical
Leaf / Flower color - Green, gray-green / Light Pink, Magenta, Violet
Plant growth rate - Fast