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100 Provence lavender Seeds - Seed World
100 Provence lavender Seeds - Seed World
100 Provence lavender Seeds - Seed World

200 Lavender - Vera English - NON-GMO Seeds

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Provence French Lavender (Lavandula intermedia 'Provence') is an intensely fragrant lavender. Sometimes called Lavandin, it makes a wonderful cut flower with long stems and lavender-blue flower spikes. Drought-resistant perennial plant

  • Features:¬†Ornamental herb with aromatic qualities. Used for cosmetics and perfumes. Flowers are borne in whorls. This fragrant plant has gray-green foliage with blue-violet blooms. Durable and drought-resistant.
  • Light:¬†Plant in full sun.
  • Soil and water:¬†Prefers well-drained but still moist. Water as needed.
  • Spacing:¬†Space 45cm (18") apart.
  • Height:¬†Grows 50-60cm (20-24") in height.
  • Growing tips:¬†Avoid planting in soggy areas. Thrives in a hot humid climate. Benefits from organic materials such as compost. Avoid soils with high PH balance.
  • Garden use:¬†Containers, herbs, and flower beds.
  • Culinary use:¬†Produces honey. Flowers are typically candied as cake decorations. Used in baked goods, desserts, and French cuisine. Sometimes paired with sheep and goat-milk cheeses. Also used for aroma sachets and potpourri. Lavender gives off a beautiful scent.