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Morel Mushroom 5 Gallons Spores in Sawdust Seed Growing kit

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Cultivate the elusive and gourmet Morel mushrooms effortlessly!

This kit provides an easy and plentiful harvest of these highly valued mushrooms. Homegrown Morel mushrooms are a reality thanks to their 5-gallon capacity and simple instructions, which also add a distinctive earthy flavor to your culinary creations.

In your garden or yard, cultivate morel mushrooms. Start with spores at any time of year! Make a forest of Morel mushrooms on your own! A fresh spore from a wild morel mushroom in West Virginia is used to per-inoculate sawdust spawn.

How to grow Morel mushrooms:

  • Create the Right Environment: Place the kit in a cool, shaded spot with indirect sunlight, maintaining consistent humidity
  • Follow Instructions: Adhere to the kit's instructions for temperature, light, and moisture, as Morels are sensitive
  • Keep it Moist: Mist the substrate regularly to keep it moist without over-saturation
  • Be Patient: It may take weeks or months for Morels to fruit, so be patient and maintain optimal conditions
  • Harvest Carefully: When Morels reach a good size, cut them at the base without disturbing the substrate
  • Repeat the Process: Continue to maintain the environment for potential additional flushes

Quantity: Apx. 40 Grams of Fresh True Morel Spores in sawdust carrier

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greg kurnath

perfect instructions

Keith Kocher

I'm very excited to purchase morel spores from you folks. I support family farmers and small farmers in America. I hope I have success growing morels and am planning to spread spores on my secret spots. Thank you, Keith


The hardest part of this transaction is the waiting to see if I get mushrooms! I really love the imitation mushrooms that come with the spores.