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5 American Plum Seeds - Seed World
5 American Plum Seeds - Seed World
5 American Plum Seeds - Seed World
5 American Plum Seeds - Seed World
5 American Plum Seeds - Seed World
5 American Plum Seeds - Seed World

5 American Plum Seeds

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The American Plum is native to the US & Canada. It is a beautiful showy landscape ornamental with delicious edible fruit. They can be grown as a large multi-branched shrub or as a small single-trunked tree.

Blooming early in the spring before the leaves appear, American Plums are smothered with impossible numbers of fragrant white 1" flowers. They are considered to be of special value to honey & other bees as well as butterflies. This Plum is also a larvae host for a wide variety of butterfly species.

The delicious sweet & sour 1" purplish-red plums are ready for harvest beginning in August. The fruit is very showy & ornamental, & can be eaten raw (don't eat the seeds) or made into jams, jellies, & wine. Birds & a wide variety of wildlife love to eat this fruit too, so be sure to leave some for our fuzzy & feathered friends :) In fall, the leaves turn a variety of lovely shades ranging from light yellow all the way to bright red.

The shrubs are dense & thicket forming which makes them an excellent windbreak, border, or living fence, as well as providing excellent cover for small mammals & songbirds. Being a very cold hardy sturdy plant, the American Plum is often used as rootstock for other plums such as the Domestic Plum.

The leaves of the plant are browsed by deer, & the branches can be thorny. Having a suckering root system, the American Plum is used for erosion control in general & is perfect for riverbanks & other areas that can become inundated with water because they can withstand several days of flooding.

Name: American Plum
Other Common Names: August Plum / Wild Plum
Scientific Name: Prunus Americana
Color: White Flowers / Purplish Red Fruit
Plant Seeds: Fall / Cold Stratify / Indoors Weeks Before Last Frost / Outdoors After Danger of Frost
Bloom Time: Spring (April - May)
Harvest: Aug - Sept
Hardiness Zone: 3 - 8
Plant Height: 10 - 15'
Plant Spacing: 10 - 15'
Light Requirements: Sun - Part Shade