Hanging Naked Men Flower - 150 Naked Man Orchid Seeds - Seed World
Hanging Naked Men Flower - 150 Naked Man Orchid Seeds - Seed World
Hanging Naked Men Flower - 150 Naked Man Orchid Seeds - Seed World

150 Hanging Naked Men Flower - Naked Man Orchid Seeds

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Hanging Naked Men Flower - Naked Man Orchid 

Orchis Italica is widely popular for its petals which in shape, resemble naked men. Prefer partial shade and low nutrient soil and they flower in late spring. Orchis Italica grows up to 50cm in height, with bright pink, densely clustered flowers.

Many orchids do not have a flowering season and flowers may be produced at any time if the right conditions are being met. Terrestrial orchids grown outdoors will mostly flower in the summer months. Flowers can last for several months.

Sometimes small plantlets (Keiki) appear from the nodes on the flower stems. Detach the plantlets when they have developed several good roots and pot them up in orchid compost. Water them sparingly at first, but mist them daily.

More hanging naked man flower tips:

Always use a proprietary orchid compost. Ensure good light levels in winter, as these are essential to encourage flowering. An east- or west-facing window would be ideal. Move to a shadier spot in summer and protect yourself from direct sunshine. When planting terrestrial orchids outdoors, plant in a semi-shade, with no direct sun at midday.

A very suitable place would also be on the north side of a building. Most orchids are woodland plants and therefore prefer cool sites, which do not become too dry and hot during summer. Places, where ferns thrive, are also suitable. Don’t plant your orchids close to trees or big shrubs because their roots are effective competition for water and nutrients!

Autumn is the best season for planting. Spread out the roots in the upper 10 cm (4 inches) of the soil, the rhizome 2-3 cm (1 inch) below the surface, and shoot buds upwards. Fill in the remaining substrate without compressing it, and water thoroughly.