How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

Beans are easy to grow warm-season vegetables that are rich in plant-based protein and fiber. For novice gardeners, beans can be a perfect annual crop to grow in the garden. Harvest these long nutrient-rich green pods through succession planting all year round.

How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

For a successful planting and harvest, follow this simple guide to growing beans from seeds.

Select Bean Type

There are many types of bean seed varieties found in the world which are classified as bush beans and pole beans.

  • Bush Beans:

This bean type grows like any other plant and does not require any support or trellis like its counterpart. Bush beans are ideal for compact kitchen gardens and raised soil beds.

  •  Pole Beans:

Pole beans are vines that require trellis or vertical garden supports that can help them climb. If you have a limited area in your garden, you can opt for pole beans.

When to Sow Bean Seeds

How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

The ideal time to sow bean seeds is after the danger of frost is gone. As these are annual plants they can be planted in spring when the temperature is at least 48 degrees. Planting them too early can cause delayed germination, while planting them late may not give them enough time to grow for the harvest season.

Select Planting Area

How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

Beans thrive in full sun which helps develop healthy bean pods. Plant the bean seeds in an area that receives direct sunlight, has proper drainage, and contains fertile soil.

Beans can also be grown in containers and raised garden beds. If your bean variety is a climbing vine, make sure there’s enough space for installing trellis.

Prepare Soil for Beans

How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

They prefer nutrient-rich soil compositions such as loam, peat, and sand. You can weed out and till the area before planting to avoid soil clumps and make way for easy drainage. Soil pH can be maintained between 6.0 and 6.8 for healthy growth.

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How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

How to Plant Bean Seeds

How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

Beans seeds are essentially grown outdoors directly in the garden. Transplanting them from indoor seed starting trays or containers can damage the tender bean seedlings.

Plant them in rows about 1-2 inches apart with a 2-3 feet gap between each row. Sow the seeds 1 inch deep in moist soil to accelerate the germination process. Cover the seeds lightly with the same garden soil.

Bean Seeds Germination time

How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

Under ideal ground temperatures between 70-80 degrees, you can expect germination of bean seeds in 5-10 days. Though seeds can sprout slow if the temperature drops below 60 degrees.

Maintenance and Care for Beans 

How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

Water 1 inch every week for consistency, you can also use drip irrigations to avoid overwatering. Mulch is also a great method to retain moisture and maintain humidity. Use balanced fertilizers with limited nitrogen content to promote consistent growth.

Like growing cucumbers from seeds, beans are also one of the easiest vegetables to plant and harvest. Once bean seedlings sprout and adapt to the growing conditions, then it’s providing sufficient water, fertilizers, and mulch to successfully maintain and grow bean plants.

When to Harvest Beans

How to Grow Beans | From Sowing to Harvest

Harvest fresh beans from the garden to your kitchen when the beans are about 5-7 inches in size and contain full pods. Some varieties of beans are longer and consist of varying colors of green, yellow, dark red, and more. It can take about 50-55 days from planting to harvest. Beans can dry out into a brown color if left on the plant for long. Gently snip the bean pods at the top while taking care not to pull out the rest of the young pods from the plant.

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