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About Seed World Marketplace

Seed World Marketplace is your one-stop online store for high-grade vegetable seeds, organic seeds, flower seeds, heirloom seeds, garden seeds, and much more. From small home gardens to large-scale farms, we specialize in supplying quality seeds with a high germination rate to customers all over the world.

Seed World Marketplace

Initiated in 2015, our mission entitles connecting suppliers with plant enthusiasts to kick-starting their passion for growing healthy and vibrant plants from seeds. For achieving this feat, we take at most care in procuring seeds from trusted suppliers across various continents, most of them in the United States.

With the finest seeds ranging from different categories, Seed World Marketplace offers a swift and secure online shopping platform for customers’ convenience. From the payment, and packaging to shipping, we take great care in supplying superior quality seeds and rendering satisfactory services to our buyers.

Interested in making your purchase from Seed World Marketplace? Read on to find out the various services we offer.

Our services:

When you make your purchase at Seed World Marketplace, you can be assured that you will be availing of your money’s worth with our excellent services. Following are some of the benefits and services to look out for:

  • Customer-friendly services:

Our trustworthy network of individuals, suppliers, farmers, seeds experts, and customer care representatives, work tirelessly in procuring and supplying seeds to customers’ doorstep.

Do you have questions about the mode of payment? Or shipping procedures or even about the types of seeds you are interested in buying? Feel free to contact us with your queries, and we will do our best to resolve them. You can also check out our FAQ & Info section on our site for more information. 

Seed World Marketplace

We strive to maintain customer satisfaction by seamlessly working around the clock in providing you with the best experience while buying seeds online in Seed World.

  • Diverse categories of seeds:

At Seed World Marketplace, we offer expertly curated categories and catalogs for seeds. With more than 1000 varieties of seeds available for purchase, you can be assured that you will not run out of opportunities to plant your dream garden when buying seeds online with us.

Following are some of the diverse categories of seeds we offer:

      1. Tree seeds:

Planning to grow a green cover with towering trees for your home? We got you covered. Seed World has over 100 types of rare and common tree seeds ready to be shipped to your location.

Want to try your hand at Bonsai, we have got that too. You can now grow specially treated Bonsai seeds in your courtyard or Zen garden.

Some of them are Juniper Bonsai Tree seeds, Cedrus Deodara Bonsai seeds, Japanese Maple Tree seeds, and many more.

      2. Vegetable seeds:

Growing vegetables for the family can be more satisfying than store-bought produce. You can cultivate the seeds organically and use the fresh produce straight from the garden to the kitchen.

That’s where we come in; Seed World Marketplace has more than 100 different types of vegetable seeds. From organic seeds, rare vegetable seeds, and assorted vegetable seeds to heirloom seeds. We supply diverse varieties with a high germination rate for your vegetable garden patch.

Check out our popular vegetable seeds such as climbing tomato seeds, potato mixed seeds, chia seeds, lettuce seeds, Persian cucumber seeds, etc.

     3. Flower seeds:

Spring and summer seasons are said to be the best seasons for growing flowering seeds. Our online store offers more than 500 seed types.

The vibrant and multicolored flowering plants can transform your garden or home space into an ethereal paradise. And we would like to help you achieve just that through Seed World Marketplace.

Seed World Marketplace

Looking for unique flowering seeds that can bring the wow factor to your home? You can check out our online store catalogs for rare flowering seeds such as Black peony seeds, lotus seeds, rare mixed colors Orchids Phalaenopsis seeds, and Irish flower seeds, to name a few.

     4. Fruit seeds:

The healthiest kind of fruit is the freshly picked ones from fruit plants and trees. Growing it from seeds can not only ensure quality but also help cut costs.

If you are looking for such quality fruit seeds that yield excellent results, then Seed World Marketplace can be the store for you.

We offer numerous varieties of seeds such as Climbing strawberry seeds, Kiwi fruit Thailand seeds, Lemon Tree Seeds Heirloom, and many more. 

Did you know? Avocado is the new expensive superfood. But by buying seeds online at Seed World, you can grow them at an affordable price and harvest huge quantities year after year.

     5. Other categories:

Whether it is for indoor pots or outdoor gardens, Seed World Marketplace caters to a diverse range of seed varieties.

Other popular seeds categories in our online store include Cactus and succulent seeds, Ornamental seeds, Herbs, Microgreens seeds, Pepper seeds, and Mushrooms seeds. Plant enthusiasts, looking for mature plants can try out our live plant category. 

  • Affordable and attractive rates:

Here, at Seed World Marketplace, we offer affordable and discounted rates for our seed varieties. With cost-efficient pricing, we aim to motivate plant enthusiasts to grow many healthy plants and trees through our finest seeds.

We also encourage customers through our Affiliate Program. Through the program, you can earn a commission for every customer you bring. All you have to do is, sign up for the Affiliate program and join our growing Seed World family.

  • Quality Packaging:

Quality packaging ensures the seed packets will remain intact throughout the shipping and delivery process. Poor packaging material may expose the delicate seeds to external environments and can cause bad seeds, rot, and decay before it reaches their destination.

To avoid such unfortunate circumstances, we use premium packaging materials for our seed packets. This high-grade material ensures that the seeds are kept airtight throughout the journey.

Cultivating a thriving garden and seedbed can take a lot of hard work, but the results can be worthwhile for all that effort.

Few garden supplies such as Seedmaster Vibrating Hand Seeder, Mini Seed Dispenser, Cell Seed Starter Tray and Grow Bag Garden Vegetable Planter, etc., can come in handy and make work easier when germinating and growing your seeds.

Visit our online store, and avail of many such garden supplies for your home garden use.

  • Online-store:

Seed World Marketplace is hosted on Shopify Inc. It is a multinational online e-commerce platform that provides a safe and secure shopping experience.

We assure seamless transaction process through trusted payment channels like PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. Have issues regarding payment or shipping? Get in touch with us to resolve the issue. Our customer care representatives are on 24/7 standby to help with all your grievances.

Our Vision:

With years of expertise in the business and steadfast commitment to our goal, Seed World Marketplace has carved a niche in the online forum as a reliable and best place for buying seeds online.

Seed World Marketplace

Our vision going forward is to provide exceptional services to our customers all over the world by supplying superior quality seeds, made in America only. This includes distinctive varieties of vegetable seeds, organic seeds, flower seeds, garden seeds, heirloom seeds, and rare and exotic seeds, to name a few.

Thrilled to make your seed purchase at Seed World Marketplace? Visit our official site to buy seeds online, where you can also follow the notifications to track new arrivals and promotions.

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