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100 Strawberry Spinach Stick Seeds

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Strawberry Spinach Stick Seeds (Chenopodium Foliosum)

Edible Fruit, leaves, and seeds! Enjoy an eye-catching display of color splendor, an ideal choice for edible landscaping enthusiasts.

This heirloom enjoys full sun to partial shade and grows up to 20 inches tall. It looks great on a patio, in a container, or as a border plant. You can use the leaves like spinach (salads, cooking) and the berries can be picked off and eaten as well.

Season: Summer-Fall
Zones: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Other names: Strawberry sticks, Strawberry blite, Blite goosefoot, Indian paint, and Indian Ink.
Packed and tested on 10-1-2021, 92% Germ

Germination instructions: The seeds need sunlight to germinate. They also germinate when soil temperatures are between 65-70 degrees. Likewise, if starting the seeds during the summer heat months, germinate by placing the seeds gently on top of the soil in a starter tray indoors under temperature-controlled conditions. Don't bury them under the soil into darkness but do keep the seeds and soil moist. Under these conditions, they germinate fairly quickly (within 14 days).