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10 Gladiolus Bulbs - Mix

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Gladiolus Dwarf Mix Blend Flower Bulbs

Gladiolus Dwarf Mix features summer-blooming glads that are more cold-hardy than other varieties, but these are also shorter, making them perfect for planting in containers. Blooming in a wide palette of Colors and are Beautiful in bouquets.

These Dwarf gladiolus are extremely Hardy. As for the hardiness, they should be called 'hardier' glads, instead of 'hardy glads', since they are not winter hardy in severe winters. But they can be successfully left in the ground to return the following spring in warmer zones. They're not as showy as tall gladiolus, but definitely worth a try in your garden.

Gladiolus are perfect for cutting and bringing inside for gorgeous bouquets. They're inexpensive and few other flowers give you so much color for the cost. When frost threatens, you can just forget them, and buy new ones in spring, or dig up the bulbs and store them until the following spring.