10 Flowering Almond (Prunus Triloba) Seeds
10 Flowering Almond (Prunus Triloba) Seeds
10 Flowering Almond (Prunus Triloba) Seeds

10 Flowering Almond (Prunus Triloba) Seeds

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Flowering Almond Prunus Triloba Plum Rose Tree Double Pink Flower Shrub Seeds

The Flowering Almond, a stunningly beautiful ornamental shrub to small tree, is originally native to China but has become immensely popular around the world. It makes a wonderful addition to any garden or as a stand-alone specimen. They take well to pruning, with pruning promoting heavier blooming, & can be trained into a single-trunked small tree versus their natural 'round' form if you prefer. They also make excellent bonsai specimens.

Due to their somewhat small stature (& ability to be pruned to a smaller size if desired) & their extreme cold tolerance, the Flowering Almond is also a good patio/container plant. Flowering Almonds are able to grow well in part shade but will fruit better in full sun. They prefer moist but well-drained soil.

Blooming very early in the spring before the leaves appear, the branches of your Flowering Almond will be absolutely covered in a multitude of double pink blossoms that resemble roses. The blooms are delightfully fragrant, & will attract bees & butterflies.

By the summer, the flowers will have given way to showy bright red 1/2" berries that are adored by birds, squirrels, & other woodland friends. The Flowering Almond's leaves turn lovely shades of bronze & yellow in fall providing another season of beauty for you to enjoy.

Name: Flowering Almond
Other Common Names: Flowering Plum / Rose Tree of China / Cherry Almond
Scientific Name: Prunus Triloba / Amygdalus Trilobus
Color: Pink Flowers / Red Berries
Plant Seeds: Fall / Cold Stratify / Indoors Weeks Before Last Frost / Outdoors After Danger of Frost
Bloom Time: Flowers March - April / Berries June - Aug
Hardiness Zone: 3 - 8
Plant Height: 10 - 12'
Plant Spacing: 10 - 12'
Light Requirements: Sun - Part Shade
Soil & Water Preferences: Average