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50 Yellow Pansy Seeds

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Yellow Pansy Seeds, Yellow Viola Seeds, Pansies, Non-Gmo Heirloom

Clear crystals yellow pansies are slightly different from the swiss giant pansies, in that clear crystals pansies have no black blotch in the middle. Also known as violas, pansies are known as cool-weather flowers. Clear crystals yellow pansies add a dramatic flair to your gardens, try a mass planting of these violas, or use them in containers or pots. The flower blooms are approximately 2” across and are very long-lasting. Though they look delicate, they are very tolerant of cold. In my gardens, I’ve seen them covered in snow and emerge damage-free!

The clear crystals yellow pansy is truly a cool weather lover. When the weather warms too much they will start to wilt. In the deep south, viola seeds or pansy seeds can be planted in the late fall, where they will bloom all winter. In the northern USA, they make a great very early spring planting. They take only 11 weeks from seed to bloom. Start your yellow pansy seeds indoors and get a jump on the season! Although they are biennials, yellow pansies do bloom the first year and will reseed themselves in warmer climates.

Comes with complete planting & growing instructions!

Height - 6" - 8"
Spread - 8" - 10"
Zones 5 - 9