5 Stellar Pink Dogwood Seeds - Seed World
5 Stellar Pink Dogwood Seeds - Seed World

5 Stellar Pink Dogwood Seeds

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Flowering dogwoods (Cornus florida) are deciduous trees native to the eastern half of the United States. These trees can add year-round beauty to the landscape. Let’s look at how to grow dogwood trees. Flowering dogwoods range in color from white to pink or red and generally bloom for about two to four weeks in early spring.

They also add summer and fall color, with rich green foliage color in summer and reddish purple leaves during fall. This is oftentimes followed by brilliant red berries in winter. Proper dogwood care will bring these lovely trees to their height of beauty.

Growing From Seed

When you are starting dogwood seed propagation, you’ll need to soak the seeds in water for a couple of days. All non-viable seeds will float to the top of the water and should be removed. Soaking makes it a snap to remove the external pulp, expediting dogwood seed germination.

You can rub the pulp off by hand or, if necessary, by using a fine wire screen. As soon as the soaking and pulp removal is done, it is time to plant. Prepare a seedbed with well-draining soil, or a flat with well-draining medium.

For best dogwood seed germination, plant each seed about .5 inches (1.25 cm.) deep and 1 inch (2.5 cm.) apart in rows 6 inches (15 cm.) apart. Cover up the planted soil with light compost like pine straw to hold in moisture.

Propagating dogwoods from seed isn’t an overnight event. It takes time before you witness dogwood seed germination, and you’ll usually see the new seedlings appear in spring following an autumn sowing.

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