200 Purple Coneflower Seeds - Seed World
200 Purple Coneflower Seeds - Seed World
200 Purple Coneflower Seeds - Seed World

200 Purple Coneflower Seeds

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Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Purpurea) generally has a deep fibrous root system and is harvested at three or four years old. All wildflower seed species have a spiny cone in the center of the flower, (thus the name echinacea from echinos meaning hedgehog in Greek) and generally have light to dark purple drooping ray flowers petals though some cultivars are red or white.

The coarse, generally hairy stems are mostly erect, either single or branched, and from 24 - 36 inches tall. The basal leaves are generally slender with a long petiole (leaf stalk), to small leaves with no petiole at the top of the stem. It is important that you properly identify the purple coneflower wildflower seed species you grow and keep them separate as different parts are used from different species and they will cross-pollinate.

Flower Specifications

  • Season: Perennial
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 9
  • Height: 24 - 36 inches
  • Bloom Season: Summer
  • Bloom Color: Lavender
  • Environment: Full sun
  • Soil Type: Loam, clay, or rocky material, pH 6.1 - 7.8
  • Deer Resistant: Yes

Planting Directions

  • Temperature: 70 - 75F
  • Average Germ Time: 15 - 30 days
  • Light Required: No
  • Depth: 1/8 inch
  • Sowing Rate: 4 ounces per 1,000 square feet or 12 pounds per acre
  • Moisture: Keep seeds moist until germination
  • Plant Spacing: 12 - 18 inches

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