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10 Parlor Palm Tree Seeds - Seed World
10 Parlor Palm Tree Seeds - Seed World
10 Parlor Palm Tree Seeds - Seed World

10 Parlor Palm Tree Seeds (Chamaedorea Elegans)

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Parlor Palm Tree Seeds (Chamaedorea Elegans) 

Parlor Palm is a shrub tree that is found in Central America. It can reach 3 meters high. It makes an excellent pot plant and interior plant.  this palm has probably been the quintessential indoor palm since Victorian times.

The foliage is a dense and evergreen tuft of brilliant green color. Long and sleek stems wear the curved and palmed leaves. The shrub blooms all year long in tropical or subtropical regions, otherwise, it blooms only in summer. The flowers of a pale yellow color grow on orange stems that appear at the base of the leaves. The shrub produces small round blackberries.

It is important to cut off dried leaves to keep the shrub strong. It is also suggested to take off the stems that bear flowers, but it is not an obligation. Hardiness zones 10-11 (1°C/35°F,4°C/40°F) in winter. The Parlor Palm can very well support light cold and frost, as long as it doesn’t last for too long. Under -1°C, the leaves may fall off. The ideal temperature for this plant is between 18 and 24°C.

The Parlor Palm is found in tropical rainforests. Its soil needs to be rich but light. In its natural habitat, its small size helps it keep away from the wind by being protected by the surrounding plants, do the same. It prefers mid-shade. In winter, keep your plant inside. You can spray water at the ambient temperature on the leaves to keep them from drying.