25 Prairie Smoke Flower Seeds - Seed World
25 Prairie Smoke Flower Seeds - Seed World
25 Prairie Smoke Flower Seeds - Seed World
25 Prairie Smoke Flower Seeds - Seed World
40 Prairie Smoke Flower Seeds

40 Prairie Smoke Flower Seeds

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Brings magical whimsy to your garden!

Prairie Smoke Flower Seeds will transform your garden with their fluffy blossoms that are evocative of natural plains. These hardy perennials offer a touch of elegance to any outdoor space and are perfect for both experienced and beginning gardeners. They flourish in a variety of settings.

Cultivate a haven of rustic charm with no upkeep as each smokey plume turns your landscape into a tapestry of subdued colors that captures the everlasting splendor of the prairie in all seasons.

  • Season: Suitable for planting in spring to early summer
  • USDA Zones: Thrives in USDA zones 3–8
  • Height: Variable, typically ranging from 12 to 18 inches
  • Bloom Season: Blooms in late spring to early summer
  • Bloom Color: Soft, muted colors, resembling smoky plumes
  • Environment: Flourishes in a variety of environments, adaptable to different conditions
  • Soil Type: Prefers well-drained soil
  • Deer Resistant: Generally resistant to deer
  • Latin Name: Geum triflorum
  • Temperature: Flourishes in temperatures between 65 - 75°F
  • Average Germ Time: Germination typically occurs within 21–30 days
  • Light Required: Prefers partial to full sun for optimal growth
  • Depth: Plant seeds at a depth of 1/8 to 1/4 inch in well-drained soil
  • Sowing Rate: Follow recommended guidelines, typically spaced 12–18 inches apart
  • Moisture: Maintain even moisture during germination and provide adequate water for established plants
  • Plant Spacing: Space plants according to mature size, typically 12–18 inches apart

Germination Procedure:

Cold-stratify seeds in a freezer for two months before sowing to initiate germination. When the weather is warm, plant seeds on the top layer of damp soil. Since the seeds require moisture and sunlight to sprout, do not bury or cover them. Throughout the whole eight-week germination process, keep the soil and seeds moist.

Grow your own Geum triflorum garden from fresh seed today!

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