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50 Chinese Juniper Seeds - Seed World

5 Chinese Juniper Seeds

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This Chinese juniper cultivar is a dense, evergreen, small tree with a pyramidal habit. Typically grows 15-20' tall.

Features light to medium green, mostly scale-like foliage which is attractive year-round. A female cultivar that produces profuse, grayish-green, berry-like cones.

The Chinese juniper is widely used in bonsai, both as individual plants, such as the 250-year-old "Omiya tree" in the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in the UK,

Sowing instruction

The seed requires a period of cold stratification. The seed has a hard seedcoat and can be very slow to germinate, requiring a cold period followed by a warm period and then another cold spell, each of 2 - 3 months duration. Soaking the seed for 3 - 6 seconds in boiling water may speed up the germination process.

After that sow onto the surface of the ground. The seedlings can be potted up into individual pots when they are large enough to handle.