50 Bee-bee Tree - Korea Evodia (Tetradium Daniellii) Seeds - Seed World
50 Bee-bee Tree - Korea Evodia (Tetradium Daniellii) Seeds - Seed World

50 Bee-bee Tree - Korea Evodia (Tetradium Daniellii) Seeds

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Tetradium Danielli

Bee Tree (Tetradium Daniellii, Euodia Hupehensis), Good Bee Pasture
Botanical Nomenclature: Tetradium Danielli (Euodia Hupehensis)
Common Name: Bee Tree, Euodia Hupehensis
Family: Rutaceae
Origin: China And Korea
Height: Between 8.00 - 20.00 Meters
Luminosity: Full Sun, Partial Shading
Climate: See Description

It an extremely recommended exemplary for beekeepers and very ornamental.

Tetradium danielli can grow like a bush or a tree from small to the middle ear. Most often encountered with a short main trunk that is divided into several main branches.

The bee's vine, as is commonly known, is a very explored species in the residential landscaping world a fortress, either by its small port, cultivation relatively easy and/or their flowering and visiting.

The species are very resistant to cold and frost, but young changes receive protection for their first to the second winter. Can be planted in the full sun or with partial shadowing, prefering only with good moisture, fertilizer, and well drawn.

The red and bright fruit is generally harvested after the flowering or a huge lemon for the convivial with several birds.

The flowers, characterized by gorgeous old lines are wonderfully aromatic. As seeds begin like bright red capsules, when completely ripe, open to export like black seeds.

Quick growth, when you can reach more than one metro in your first year in cultivation, a suggested distance for group plantations is 3 - 5 meters. The start of the flowering gives a party for the third year.

The gardener and beekeeper Bernhard Jaenisch was contemplated with a gold medal in the exhibition of international horticulture (iga) in Germany, under the title a fountain of the nectar with a species tetradium danielli.

Spice is extremely explored and valued by beekeepers in honey production

Seeds are very fresh and with an excellent germinate rate.