30 Yelloew Flowering Senna - Bush Seeds
30 Yelloew Flowering Senna - Bush Seeds
30 Buttercup Bush Seeds - Seed World
30 Yelloew Flowering Senna - Bush Seeds

30 Yelloew Flowering Senna - Bush Seeds

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Flowering Senna, Buttercup Bush, Yellow Flowering Bush Seeds

This Gorgeous South American shrub, produces bunches of bright yellow five-petal flowers that are a magnet to pollinators, among feathery soft leaves. The bush forms a broadly rounded shape that reaches about an average of 6 feet high and across. It prunes well. It is hardy to semi-hardy perennial, Zones 7-8. And in mild winters is evergreen. In harder frost areas, Zones 3-6, it does well if grown in a large container and is brought indoors in the winter. It can lose its leaves in periods of cold weather and all watering should stop during the winter to give it a rest. It is hardy in zone 9.

Medium-sized shrub or small tree up to 12 ft high. Found in humid mountainous regions of Central and South America. Has bright yellow flowers that cover the plant in a season. Needs light and does well in a variety of environments.

The exact hardiness is unknown but will survive frosts and light freezes.

Growing Environment
It needs light and needs protection from frost when young, but will tolerate winters once established. It tolerates a wide variety of soils including sand and clay. It does well in humid environments, but will also thrive in semi-arid environments.

Flowers are used in stews. Root stems and leaves are used for dyes while the branches are often used to make baskets in local regions. Medicinal uses include protecting against fever, typhoid, and dysentery.

Native Range
Native to the Andes Mountain Range and other mountainous areas in Central and South America, but now found all over the world.