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30 Waltham Butternut Squash Seeds

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Most popular of butternuts, 3-6 lb fruit with rich, nutty, orange flesh and excellent storage. Vigorous vines and dependable production.

Harvest when light tan and allow curing for greater sweetness. Resistance to squash vine borers.

Plants are a vine type that can grow 43-91 cm (17-36”) tall. Vines can easily reach 1.8-2.7 m (6-9’) long.  It is a prolific, easy to grow squash. 

It is easily distinguished by its long pear shape and golden tan colored skin when mature.

The orange flesh is sweet with a nutty taste.  Squash can weigh between 1.8-23 kg (4-5 lb.)  A very good storage squash.

Quantity: 30 Seeds