30 Rare Midnight Supreme Rose Seeds

30 Rare Midnight Supreme Rose Seeds

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Rare Midnight Supreme Rose Seeds

What is a garden without roses? Their lovely very fragrant double blooms will delight you all season long! Roses make an excellent cut flower and these large blooms will last for up to 2 weeks once cut. They are also popular dried flowers.

The blue rose is a hybrid. In nature, there is no such thing as a blue rose which has defined much of the symbolism surrounding the elusive blue rose. The first true blue rose is considered by many to first have appeared in 2004 but the flowers do still have a purplish or lavender hue to them.

In relation to love, the blue rose symbolizes the impossible or the unattainable, but it also symbolizes prosperity. In some cultures (such as Chinese) blue symbolizes royal blood or majesty and splendor.

Name: Blue Rose
Scientific Name: Rosa
Color: Blue
Plant Seeds: Fall / Cold Stratify
Bloom Time: Late Spring - Fall (Repeat Bloomer)
Hardiness Zone: 2 - 11
Plant Height: 36 - 48”
Plant Spacing: 24 - 36”
Light Requirements: Sun - Part Shade
Soil & Water Preferences: Average